New Media Tea Time – show #28

9 04 2010

Co-hosts Danielle Gruen and Tracy Pattin talk Twitter and Blogging while tasting a new tea and sampling a taste of a surprise chocolate. Post your comments here or email us at:


New Media Tea Time – webisode #26

19 03 2010

Co-Hosts Tracy Pattin and Danielle Gruen are on a mission…to get Gary Vaynerchuk on the show!

New Media Tea Time celebrates show #25!

12 03 2010

New Media Tea Time – show #21

12 02 2010

New Media Tea Time talks Skype and social media with special guest star Ruth Gruen, Hypnotherapist from Surprise Behavioral Health.

New Media Tea Time celebrates show #20!

5 02 2010

New Media Tea Time celebrates show #20, and is on location at the fantastic Los Angeles based bakery, Kiss My Bundt for some tasting, tech talk and insights as to how this bakery has grown and gotten its word out using social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Where high tech meets low tech for tea and chocolate…

New Media Tea Time – #18 with special guest appearance by Douglas E. Welch of New Media Interchange

22 01 2010

New Media Tea Time – webisode #17 declutter show

15 01 2010

New Media Tea Time’s declutter show part 2! Declutter your life, and release your self… open doors for yourself, your career and your spiritual growth. Try it . . . and let us know what you learn or notice. Thanks for watching.