New Media Tea Time – show #28

9 04 2010

Co-hosts Danielle Gruen and Tracy Pattin talk Twitter and Blogging while tasting a new tea and sampling a taste of a surprise chocolate. Post your comments here or email us at:


New Media Tea Time show #27

27 03 2010

Co-hosts Tracy Pattin and Danielle Gruen shoot live on location at CareerCamp LA with special guests dropping by to surprise you with their input. Who could it be?

New Media Tea Time – webisode #26

19 03 2010

Co-Hosts Tracy Pattin and Danielle Gruen are on a mission…to get Gary Vaynerchuk on the show!

New Media Tea Time celebrates show #25!

12 03 2010

New Media Tea Time – #24 live via skype with Doug Welch

5 03 2010

The fabulous Douglas Welch is back on via skype; and the new media tea time ladies learn so much…as always!

New Media Tea Time – #23 on location at Kelly’s Fudge in Hollywood

26 02 2010

This week New Media Tea Time is on location at Kelly’s Fudge in the Kodak building where the Oscars will be in only one week. We talk facebook, tech tips and of course tea and chocolate.

New Media Tea Time – #22 with Doug Welch on via SKYPE!

19 02 2010

Tracy Pattin and Danielle Gruen are at it again, as now as the Skype gals talking Skype with their first guest attending the show via Skype. You won’t believe who is cooking what this time!