New Media Tea Time – show #28

9 04 2010

Co-hosts Danielle Gruen and Tracy Pattin talk Twitter and Blogging while tasting a new tea and sampling a taste of a surprise chocolate. Post your comments here or email us at:


New Media Tea Time – show #21

12 02 2010

New Media Tea Time talks Skype and social media with special guest star Ruth Gruen, Hypnotherapist from Surprise Behavioral Health.

New Media Tea Time – #18 with special guest appearance by Douglas E. Welch of New Media Interchange

22 01 2010

New Media Tea Time – show #12 with guest star New Media expert Doug Welch (part III)

18 12 2009

New Media Tea Time – webisode #11 with guest star appearance by Doug Welch (part II)

11 12 2009

New Media Tea Time – webisode #10

4 12 2009

Blogs v. websites and other new media tips from the fabulous Doug Welch . . .

The difference between and

30 11 2009

This is a BIG one, and coming soon in a future webisode, stay tuned or read the article through the link below in the meantime…

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